Transform and MoHA Present:

The Coalition Exhibition Expedition

*Official Unauthorized East Austin Studio Tour Tour 2016

A series of guided tours exploring the underbelly of Austin’s art community. Each tour will be approximately 2.5 hours long. The ship sets sail from MoHA, times and details on individual tours are listed below. Space will be limited to 8 people per tour, please secure reservations in advance.

Sat Nov 12th 11am – Erica Nix | 3pm – Emily Lowe & Super Secret Surprise Special Guest

Sun Nov 13th 11am – Erica Nix | 3pm – Sean Ripple

Sat Nov 19th  | 11am – Free Beer | 3pm – Tony and Donni (Michael Anthony Garcia & Daniel Webb)

Sun Nov 20th 11am – Free Beer | 3pm -TAMMY AND TAMPA BAYE NOW AND FOREVER (Emily Lowe and Daniel Webb)





Erica Nix is on a mission to Make Working Out Fun Again! Her kitschy, sex-positive aerobics classes have grown a loyal following, and now she’s taking her movement to East Side Studio Tours.  When you work out with Erica Nix, you are not just working your body – you’re creating art.  So let’s tour art while making art! This tour focuses on Austin’s freaks, geeks, queers and steers, plus retro spandex is encouraged.

(Sat Nov 12th @ 11am | Sun Nov 13th @ 11am)



sadclowncloseupEmily Lowe is a donkey enthusiast, former small time internet celebrity, occasional sad clown, and aspiring tour guide. An enthusiastic supporter of the arts, she is the resident Boss Lady at Art of the Brew and also shows up at Co-Lab Projects and tries to tell people what to do.

(Sat Nov 12th @ 3pm | Sun Nov 20th @ 3pm)



lojack-the-contentSean Ripple is a content provider, exhibitionist, and curator based in Austin, TX. The exact route of his walking tour is undetermined at the time of this writing, but Ripple hopes to *impart a sense of curiosity about the world to those who join him. Endowed positions and grantees must email Ripple in advance if they wish to join the tour. Serious inquires only please.

(Sun Nov 13th @ 3pm)



east-tourLet Free Beer guide you through E.A.S.T, we will show you things we would normally talk to you about. Free Beer is a contemporary arts podcast from Austin, TX

(Sat Nov 19th @ 11am | Sun Nov 20th @ 11am)



heavens-cellar-doorHeaven’s Cellar Door: Reverends Tony and Donni explore the seething underbelly of this debauchery called “art.” Come with. Bring a fan to blow Satan off our path. Bring a spoon, and prepare to heal these sinful artists of their wicked wicked ways. Oh, and join us on our fateful rendezvous with the Promised Land.

(Sat Nov 19th @ 3pm)




Daniel Webb’s stand-up has been described as energetic, electric, and a “non-stop, adrenalized train.”  Known for a fast-paced wide-ranging set, Daniel famously garnered international attention cracking gay jokes with President Barack Obama

(Sat Nov 19th @ 3pm | Sun Nov 20th @ 3pm)



c7be4e_e4ad9e3fef3d4ae6a940c347efcce6d4Michael Anthony Garcia is an Austin based multi-disciplinary artist, and independent curator. He is a founding member of Los Outsiders curatorial collective and has curated large-scale exhibitions of international artists, in and out of the US.

(Sat Nov 19th @ 3pm)