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The Collaborative Art + Technology Situation (CATS+) is a new residency and community program at The Museum of Human Achievement in Austin, TX that encourages thoughtful, critical, creative engagement with technology. The CATS+ Residency Program pairs artists and tech wizards to collaborate on new projects and share their process. We host collaborations, artist-led workshops, hangouts, and a wiki to remove the mystery from tech and make magic together.

CATS+ creates access for underrepresented and under-resourced artists to critically incorporate technology and digital media into their practices through one-on-one collaborative mentorship, tool access, skill-building workshops, and community. It offers technologists the opportunity to share knowledge, explore artistic frameworks, and build meaningful connections in the creative community.

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Illustrated portrait of a purple sloth wearing a yellow sweater with teary eyes and a hand on his cheek, yellow background, text reads: The CATS+ Exhibition - are UXperienced?

CATS+ 1.0 Exhibition - are UXperienced?

9/24 7-10pm, 10/1 1-4pm, and by appointment.
The Museum of Human Achievement, 3600 Lyons Rd, Austin, TX 78702

The experiment is to push back on technology. The experience is the Collaborative Art + Technology Situation (CATS+), a new program at The Museum of Human Achievement which pairs artists and tech wizards to collaborate on projects and share their processes.

CATS+ 1.0 is composed of 3 pairs of artists who spent the summer glitching normalized systems by creating their own user experiences.

Celine Lassus and Mark Yoder’s video game What’s on your mind, User? takes us deep into a social network fever dream, scrutinizing how the structure and design of social sites (from Facebook to 4chan) influence the group behaviors, language, and aesthetic preferences of their users.

Aryel René Jackson and Alex Goss reimagine the physical exhibition venue, Cage Match Project, as an expanded digital/physical hybrid space. Their case study, Onward, features a playable 3D simulation that illustrates the barrier-breaking capacity for change of The Cage in its new form.

Andie Flores and Sam Lavigne’s multimedia abolitionist campaign, APD Decruitment, explores productive alternatives for the city by upending police recruitment strategies. The artists used “real fakes” to hack politicians using the Cameo platform, build a discount program, and create functional resources including motivational posters and recommended reading.

are UXperienced? is an invitation to get curious, start conversations, dig into artists’ processes, and get excited about making our own systems (or just making our own memes 😜 ).

Maroon and black letters on a yellow background, text reads: are UXperienced?, Aryel René Jackson + Alex Goss, Andie Flores + Sam Lavigne, Celine Lassus + Mark Yoder, Sept 24th + Oct 1st 2022, MoHA, CATS+

CATS+ 1.0 Resident Bios

Aryel René Jackson is a Black creole anti-disciplinary film-based artist whose practice considers land and landscape as sites of internal representation. Themes of transformation are embedded in their use of repurposed imagery and objects, video, sound, and performance. Jackson’s work is influenced by their afro-creole Lwizyan heritage and Black American cultural language. They live and work in Texas and teach at Texas State University and at The University of Texas at Austin. Jackson is an alum of the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Royal College of Art Exchange Program, and The Cooper Union. Their work has been shown nationally and internationally.

Alex Goss is a sculptor, educator, and freelancer committed to fostering mentorship in digital and physical 3D and time-based mediums. Drawing inspiration from manufacturing waste, Goss creates projects that breach the logic of mass production by emphasizing unconformity and cast-offs. Alex received his BFA in Art from the Cooper Union and his MFA in Sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University. Alex has held solo exhibitions in New York, Baltimore, and Houston. Alex is a co-founder and organizer of Moonmist, an artist-run project space in Houston, TX. He lives in Richmond, VA with his dog Butterbean.

Andie Flores (she/her) is a performance artist, comedian, and writer who uses embarrassment as a medium for investigating hypervisibility in a racialized body.

Sam Lavigne is an artist and educator whose work deals with data, surveillance, cops, natural language processing, and automation. He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Design at UT Austin.

Celine Lassus (b. 1999, Tampa, FL) (she/they) is a digital native first, artist second. Based in Austin, TX, they work across new media, performance, video and installation. Her practice reflects on the promise of a technological utopia and how terribly they’ve been let down.

Mark Yoder (b.1999) is a retired micro celebrity, designer, and artist based in Los Angeles. When he's not doomscrolling on TikTok, you can find him somewhere stuck at the intersection of art and technology.


About 20 people seated around a large table with laptops, outdoors at night time. The table is illuminated with multi-color string lights.

09/10 - Memes & Machines with Celine Lassus + Mark Yoder

AI. Memes. HTML. Buffoonery. Come goof around at this workshop where artists Celine Lassus and Mark Yoder will walk you through the process of using AI art generators to create memes and word soup. Then using these elements, participants will be introduced to the basics of creating a website and destroying it on purpose.

Please bring a laptop, if you have one. If you need to borrow one, we'll have some available.

08/27 - Professional Practice Planning: Finding the 5E model in your art practice with Aryel René Jackson + Alex Goss

Artists and educators will learn about the science-oriented, inquiry-focused 5E model and how to use it to move through creative blocks. Artists Aryel René Jackson and Alex Goss will highlight how 5E thinking has impacted their collaborative physical/virtual projects and teach participants how to apply the method to their own practice.

You might want to bring a notebook and pen, laptop, or whatever tools you like to use for notes and sketches. We'll have paper and pens available.

8/20 - Making Something Real that Seems Fake: The APD Decruiting Information Session and Telethon with Andie Flores and Sam Lavigne.

In this workshop, artists Andie Flores and Sam Lavigne will discuss the process behind their recent work "The APD Decruiting Initiative", a multimedia public service campaign that aims to prevent potential recruits and to convince existing officers to quit their jobs. After the talk, the artists will lead participants in a telethon to support the project's reward card program and make bumper stickers for the campaign.

An outdoor stage with two presenters at a table infront of a projection screen with tiled images of morphed phases and the text