To submit your work to the gallery at MoHA, please copy and paste the following prompts into an email, and send with responses to:

First Name:

Last Name:

Your Email/Phone/best way to contact you:

Your Website:

Have you been to MoHA before? (Y/N)

Are you responding to a call? (Y/N)

If yes, which call?

How does your work relate to this theme?

If NOT, what is your proposal?

Why do you want to show at MoHA? // What do you wish to achieve with this show?

What is your power animal?

Description of Works Submitted/Proposed: (Title, Dimensions, Medium)

Don’t forget your files!

Images/video: Include a maximum of 5 high resolution images or a video.

In the subject of the email, be sure to include your First Name, Last Name, the words “Artist Submission,” and for which call you are submitting work.

By submitting your work or proposal to the gallery at MoHA you will be signed up to receive future gallery show info.