♰Ӊ∑ ↁặℾk ▲ᴙ✞s:

Second Sunday Satanic Sessions (S.S.S.S.)
Hosted by the mistress of Dark Arts herself, Leah Haney.

Once a month we welcome all tormented and twisted artistic souls to participate in crafting sacrilege as a part of a multimedia, arts and crafts event.

4/13 – S.S.S.S.: Voodoo Night

Be there this April 13th at 6 o’clock for Voodoo Night, where we will conjure spirits into voodoo dolls, forge jewelry through alchemy, enchant spirit sticks, and concoct intricate tarot cards. Victims will scream with excitement at the sheer indulgence of free drinks, palm reading, fortune telling, and the chance to finally clear things up with Great-Aunt Maude.

$10 Suggested Donation

Second Sundays at 6pm

Also join us the following months for:

5/11 Sex Night

6/8 Goth Night

7/13 Drugs Night

8/10 Catholicism Night

9/14 Sci-pocalypse: The End of Days

This six workshop series will culminate in a public showing of the evil works crafted by your very own hands in S.S.S.S.

♰Ӊ∑ Dặℾk ▲ᴙ✞s: SⅉℊɲU⍴ ϝ●ᴙლ


Ten Soft Encounters:

A Speed Dating Event

Hosted by Thor Harris

March 22nd at 7pm

In Ten Soft Encounters you’ll have the best and worst dates of your life.

Come experience a new take on speed dating by The Museum of Human Achievement and Monofonus Press, hosted by Thor Harris.

*This is/isn’t really about dating. This event will provide the opportunity for mutual experience with unknown lovers/partners and follow the rough format of traditional speed dating with facilitation of activities by Thor Harris.

Don’t be surprised if you end up blurting out:

“This has never happened to me before”  // “I don’t normally do these types of things”



The First Annual BASEketball Tournament

at The Museum of Human Achievement

Team Submission deadline – 4/1

First Round of elimination – 5/24

Semi-Finals and Finals – 5/31

Remember that movie from 1998? The one where stoners and losers invent a hybrid game that crosses the rules of “H-O-R-S-E” with baseball adding a major trash-talking component? Well, we do, and we are inviting 8 teams to participate in our first annual BASEketball tournament.

Here are the requirements for your team to participate:

Teams must have at least 4 players and at most 6 players, not including the mascot.

Each team must have a name and costumes/uniforms, as well as a mascot.

$30 registration fee (which will go back into the pot for the winning team)

First 8 teams to submit their name and roster will battle it out for a winner-takes-all cash prize and a HANDMADE TROPHY.

How BASEketball is played.

The COURT: includes a small baseball diamond with 4 bases, a basketball hoop, 4 archs marking distances for single, double, triple and home run and an outfield (directly under the hoop).

The GAME: is to win by most runs or points scored within 9 innings or 40 minutes.


DEFENSE: includes no more than 4 players on the court at a time. Outfielders stand beneath the hoop. One defensive player at a time can try to PSYCHE-OUT batters. Outs happen if batters miss a shot, double plays happen if a batter misses a shot and outfielders are able to make the ball in the basket before it touches the ground and without their feet on the ground, AKA a “tip-in”.

EX Batter shoots, misses, outfielder attempts tip-in, jumps, makes the basket, lands=double play.

OFFENSE: includes batters and base-runners, no more than 4 players on the court at a time. Batters become base-runners by making baskets from chosen distances. Base-runners score by advancing across home plate. If an outfielder misses a double play attempt, all base-runners and the batter have a chance to “convert” the point back in favor of the offense’s original shot attempt.

Team Submission deadline is 04/01. First come first play.

10 teams total will be selected, the 9th and 10th as back up teams.

First round of elimination on 5/24.

Semi-finals and Finals on 5/31.