Transform and MoHA Present:

The Coalition Exhibition Expedition 2

*Official Unauthorized East Austin Studio Tour Tour 2017

A series of guided tours exploring the underbelly of Austin’s art community. Each tour will be approximately 2.5 hours long. The ship sets sail from MoHA, times and details on individual tours are listed below. Space will be limited to 5 people per tour, please secure reservations in advance.

Sat Nov 11th 11am – Erica Nix | 3pm – TBA

Sun Nov 12th 11am & 3pm -FILM PHOTOGRAPHY FREAKS SCAVENGER HUNT (Gretchen Phillips)

Sat Nov 18th  | 11am – Erica Nix | 3pm – Emily Lowe

Sun Nov 19th 11am & 3pm – Free Beer





Erica Nix is on a mission to Make Working Out Fun Again! Her kitschy, sex-positive aerobics classes have grown a loyal following, and now she’s taking her movement to East Side Studio Tours.  When you work out with Erica Nix, you are not just working your body – you’re creating art.  So let’s tour art while making art! This tour focuses on Austin’s freaks, geeks, queers and steers, plus retro spandex is encouraged.

(Sat Nov 11th @ 11am | Sat Nov 18th @ 11am)



sadclowncloseupEmily Lowe is a donkey enthusiast, former small time internet celebrity, occasional sad clown, and aspiring tour guide. An enthusiastic supporter of the arts, she is the resident Boss Lady at Art of the Brew and also shows up at Co-Lab Projects and tries to tell people what to do.

(Sat Nov 18th @ 3pm)




east-tourLet Free Beer guide you through E.A.S.T, we will show you things we would normally talk to you about. Free Beer is a contemporary arts podcast from Austin, TX

(Sun Nov 19th @ 11am & 3pm)





Let’s drive around in a bus and go visit some local art, while taking photos and swapping gear talk. This will be a scavenger hunt to collect images and a bit of oral history.  A game of gathering and recording. Come armed with a camera, pen, paper and your innate creative curiosity.

Gretchen Phillips is a musician, furniture maker, pet portraitist, film photographer and instructor.  She’s been around the block and back again.  Committed to the art of daily living, she poses questions about what we love about the creative process, why is it so damn hard for people to connect, what’s the purpose of our lives here on the planet at this moment, and is comfort the goal?  She’s currently in quite a few bands as well as the collective, Homo Photo Club™

(Sat Nov 12th @ 11am | Sat Nov 12th @ 3pm)